Being proactive about your oral health helps to ensure that fewer complications arise.  There are many new options to keep teeth and gums healthy and beautiful.

Dental X-rays
Healthy and beautiful teeth start with digital x-rays, which help detect cavities much sooner and also help us look at bone levels around the teeth. If more information is needed, a 3D scan can be taken of the area giving us even more information when using specially designed software.  There is an added benefit with digital x-rays versus conventional x-rays in the exposure rate being 1/6th that of conventional x-rays.

Intra Oral Camera
Intra oral cameras allow us to take clear, precise images of your mouth, teeth and gums, in order for us to accurately make a diagnosis.  These images are saved to your file for reference or sent along with x-rays to specialists, labs and insurance companies.

Cancer Screening
OralID is a cancer screening device that identifies abnormalities that may not be seen by the naked eye.  OralID uses fluorescent technology, which fluoresces healthy tissue and exposes any tissue abnormalities.  This contrast makes it much easier to identify potential problems.

Non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease has changed in recent years in conjunction with scaling and ultrasonic scalers.  Lasers improve healing and reduce bacteria in the pocket allowing for fast healing.  Sensitivity of teeth can be reduced or eliminated with the use of lasers thus making dental cleaning much more comfortable. 

Periodontal Scalers
No one likes being in the dental chair any longer than they need to be.  Ultrasonic scalers break up deposits on teeth rapidly without damage to teeth.  A constant stream of water serves to cool the tip and wash away plaque deposits, which means reduced scraping on the teeth.