The Most Advanced Technology

Digital Cameras

You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  When discussing your treatment, it helps if you can see what we are looking at.   Photos help us communicate with labs and insurance companies.

Digital Impressions & Scanning

Both of these techniques ensure high accuracy when fabricating final restoration.


Using lasers minimizes the discomfort some people experience and can promote faster healing.  There are two types of lasers. 

Soft tissue:  This type of laser is used as a component of periodontal treatment and has the ability to kill bacteria and activate the regrowth of bone.  It is also used in singular sculpting of gums around restorations.

Hard tissue:  These lasers are used in the prepping or shaping of teeth for fills.


Uses a proven optical based technology shining a blue light (435-460 nu).  It aids the clinician in visualization of oral cancers before they can be detected with the naked eye.

Digital X-Rays

Offer many advantages, which are rapid acquisition time, image enhancements and low radiation.  Most importantly, they enhance images to help with clinical diagnosis.

Piezo Ultrasonic Scalers

Used to remove calculus rapidly from teeth surfaces in conjunction with hand instruments.

Electric Hand Pieces

Provides a faster, more precise and consistent treatment, providing greater comfort for the patient.

coDiagnostiX Implant Planning Software

Digital software for dental implant planning and design of surgical guides, providing a safe and predictable result for implant surgery.

7Series Scanner

Digital impressions and/or models for fabrication of crowns, implant bars, bridges, full and partial dentures using the CAD/CAM software incorporated in the scanner.